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The Weekly Edit: 18 December

Heading off to Korea with the family in less than a week's time and weather reports are showing that temperatures could dip to as low as -5 degree Celsius. I don't know how to feel about that.

Staying alive despite the harsh wintry weather is one thing, but my biggest concern would be how I can look 'fashunnn' even after piling on four, five layers of clothing??? 
Just kidding.
In my head, I was envisioning 'Miroslava Duma-chic' but am pretty sure I would turn out to be more of 'Michelin-chic'. Sigh. 
Also, buying an entire winter wardrobe just for this trip wouldn't make sense. Don't think I could rock a ski jacket or even pull off the knitted beanie look in Singapore but thankfully, we've borrowed a bunch of gear from our relatives so we're pretty much sorted. On top of that, we also went ahead and get ourselves a few sets of HEATTECH innerwear from UNIQLO just to be extra prepared. 
Whilst my dreams of looking like a street style star…

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