Grand Jeté? No, Grand Jetty

Shot by Ayesha Shaikh of Preset Media 

"I brought a book. I'm going to read it during the bus ride," Ayesha texts me the day before we had embarked on a journey to a place that was remote, relatively unknown, and frankly quite beautiful in its own way. This bus ride that Ayesha spoke of was a long (but thankfully not an arduous) one.

Setting off from Toa Payoh with a lime green suitcase and a camera in tow, we reached our destination two hours later. Travelling to anywhere in Singapore usually does not require such a long time given that Singapore is tiny, really. An hour of travelling time sounds torturous enough, so you must be wondering: what is this destination that takes a person two hours long to arrive at?

Four words: Lim Chu Kang jetty. 

Upon arriving back in Singapore during my university Winter break earlier last month, I'd planned to do a small fashion editorial post but couldn't quite decide on a theme nor location. After much discussion and brainstorming for this mini creative project (over bubble tea and prata, no less!) with Ayesha, we decided on Lim Chu Kang jetty as our shoot location. We'd discovered the place by googling "photogenic places in Singapore," and chancing upon the jetty location was quite the love at first sight. 

Compared to most of the places that various online sites had recommended (which looked too bridal/sappy for our liking), we were drawn towards the gritty-looking jetty and its remote location. The theme? Something which I was comfortable and confident in - boyish, or slightly androgynous attire. Believe me when I say I own a couple of dresses and girly skirts in my closet but if you haven't known by now, I'm a boy's girl. Give me a pair of jeans, a loose button down shirt, and a rad jacket and I'm good to go.


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