Expect the unexpected

Have you ever... ran from one end of the train to another?
Have you ever... sneaked into a ritzy hotel and made it to the top floor without getting caught by the security? 
Have you ever... played the classic 'undercover spy' game with your best mates in public? 
Have you ever... busted your moves in the middle of the road? 

Well I did! Haha. The things I've done aren't exactly that crazy, but what I'm trying to say is that I aim to be unpredictable, exciting and interesting in everything I do and you guys should too.

I crave the spontaneity and I love the unexpected. I'm usually the wild and wacky one.

I would egg on my friends to step out of their comfort zones and convince them to do something crazy every now and then.

But, the tables turned when I started out hanging out with K. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that he was a much more spontaneous person than I am, and that is what I find really admirable and cool about him.

You can aspire to be unpredictable and exciting in many ways, and one of them is by the way you dress.

Take a cue from these people who were spotted in between shows at the recent New York and London Fashion Week Spring 2013. They really stood out and were daring in their dressing. They exude confidence and they aren't afraid of looking different from the others. 

Surprise's at the back (ph. credit: Karl-Edwin Guerre)  
Oversized coat + short shorts (ph. credit: Karl-Edwin Guerre)  
Silk floral shirt x interesting textures like denim (ph. credit: Mr. Newton) 
That pinstripe blazer and those diamond earrings (ph. credit: Phil Oh)
Mad about millinery - these grannies show you how they work it hahaha. (ph. credit: Adam Katz Sinding)
Take a chance and live the moment every now and then. Be daring, and let the crazy side of you shine through! Hope you all have a great weekend.


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