Me and my lofty ideas

Hooooouuuuuse it going? Hahaha

Hope you all have been fine.

Most of the time, I’m too tired to do anything which involves me moving around (lazy ass) so I end up spending my evenings on tumblr. In bed. With my soft toys. ok.

Spending hours on tumblr has made me realized a few things. 

1. GIFs of dogs/cats/animals are awesome

WTF are you doing cat photo WTFAreyoudoing.gif

2. I can’t run away from reading a few depressing TV show lines or quotes

3. I can only dream of living in a loft.

I did a quick google search and (surprise, surprise) there are practically no lofts available in Singapore. The closest I can get to living in a loft is by buying over an old shop house, getting rid of the second floor and BAM!

Or own a landed property. Yep. 

I’ve thought of living in an old shop house too but my friends have told me that shop houses here are

a. mostly used as business spaces
b. friggen creepy cuz you know, they’ve been around for ages and stuff


aaaand the inside: 

This five-bedroom, six-bathroom shop house in Geylang is pretty neat. Read more about this awesome house here.

There’s just something about retaining the traditional exterior of a place while giving your own twist to its interior. That’s practically the best of both worlds,  yes?

Back to my so-called lofty ideas, here are some lofts which I really fancy. 

Lofts usually have really high ceilings, which makes it exciting for owners (and interior designers) to figure out a way to divide the vertical spaces, break up the huge awkward areas and liven the place up.

Oh god, I feel so happy just talking about this!! Haha I’m such a girl.

Having spent hours poring over ‘Celebrity homes! Exclusive!’ sections from various lifestyle magazines, IKEA’s catalogs and a good number of websites, I discovered that I’m partial to:

1. Spaces with lots of (natural) light 

2. Exposed brick walls

3. Adding fun colors to an otherwise neutral palette. 
Perhaps a little dose of salmon, mustard, orange or lime? (all food names, haha)

4. Adding a small 'bonus' space to an otherwise normal living area 

5. Having everything in one common area instead of breaking them up into different rooms

What kind of house would YOU like to live in? I’d love to know :)
OH and if you have the time, check out Gerard Butler’s New York loft.  It’s pretty insane.


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