Thou shalt adhere to these 3 commandments when shopping...

People ask me if I ever exercise.

Well... of COURSE I DO.

Shopping counts as a form of physical exercise, right? Right???

I'm pretty sure my friends would give me the eye-roll and shake their heads whenever I try to justify myself with this answer. Hahahaha. I mean, it does involve lots of walking (so many shops, so little time!), heavy-lifting (shopping bags plus piles of clothes that you had to try on in the store) and running even! (When there's a sale, that is.) 

Now that I've made my point (although it sounds downright unconvincing haha),  I'd like to take this time to share with you three things I recommend that you think about before making a purchase:

1. Fit is key
It is important to find clothes that fit well so that you can look your best. For example, you try on THE perfect dress at a perfect price, but you realise that it doesn't fit well in the bust and waist area. There are two ways you can go from here: one, purchase it and take it to the tailor's to have it altered or two, leave the dress behind and never.look.back. It is hard to let go of something which you really like, but if you know that you'll never make that trip to the tailor's, then it's better to save your money and look for another dress that fits better.

There have been many so many occasions where I find myself making this mistake. I usually give in to the temptation of discounted prices and 'fancy' designs that I completely disregard the fit of the clothing. The more you repeat this mistake, the more ill-fitting clothes you find piling up in your closet.

2. Do your homework 
Well,  if you take shopping as seriously as I do, you must understand that the key to a great purchase requires one to be resourceful. This applies to both physical and online shopping.

Online clothing sites including ASOS, Missguided and Boohoo often have flash sales. Online discount codes sound really exciting, but you must remember to read the fine print. Check the terms and conditions and don't forget to read the 'Delivery' and 'Shipping' information available on the site. This is to ensure that there are no 'hidden' or additional charges that you might have overlooked.

I also bookmark several sites that provide the latest updates on online sales and I read magazines such as Shop Til You Drop and Lucky as they provide readers with the latest shopping deals and fashion trends.

3. Value for money?
Always, always, think about how this particular item of clothing will go with the rest of your wardrobe. Several questions that I like to think about include: one, where and how often do I see myself wearing this? two, does this go with what I already have in my wardrobe? three, do I already own something similar? and four, does the material/workmanship of this clothing somewhat justify the price that I'm paying for it?

It is normal to feel the need to purchase something because "it's just so cheap!!!" but resist the urge and remind yourself to make smarter decisions when shopping. Save that $9.99 - (this sounds ironic when used in this context but really, a cent saved is a cent earned.) Also, as much as you are 'really digging' the trendy neon colour and the cute prints on this T-shirt, chances are you'll never wear it out, except for 'future outdoor events/festivals' that you try to convince yourself will happen in the very near future. Buy clothes that fit the body and the lifestyle that you are in now.

Now that you've fully understood the 3 commandments when it comes to shopping, I wish you the best of luck during your next shopping trip! Remember, don't give in to the discounted price tag..... *chants phrase repeatedly* I'll see you real soon!


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