Fall Wardrobe update

Heya! It's only been a few weeks since I've come to Perth and I must say that I'm already homesick!! Missing all the yummy food and my loved ones real bad. But well, dwelling on the past and on things that I can't control is pretty much a waste of time. It's about time I appreciate what's around me instead. 

I'm really loving the weather in Perth right now. It's a good 15-20 degree celsius. It's a tad chilly at night, but nothing a warm blanket, socks and a hot water bottle can't fix! I must admit that the weather was too cold for comfort when I first came over (that was on 19th Jul), but now the weather's just right. 

Dressing for the weather now is an absolute pleasure! I look forward to dressing up everyday (on top of attending classes la hahaha) for school. Back in Singapore, you'd never want to layer jackets on top of sweaters, seeing that Singapore is perpetually hot and humid. But here, I can layer on several clothing and I feel snug and comfortable throughout the day. 

Here's a breakdown of what my fall wardrobe consists of. These items were purchased over a period of several months. (Ain't nobody got money to buy all of these at one shot, honey! Haha) 

My Fall wardrobe! Things are slowly FALLing into place :) 
  1. Black handbag w/ shoulder strap (from Bugis Street!) This particular bag design became popular two years back I think. The original bag was in brown and it was sold at Zara when Olivia Palermo carried it first (see here) The bag costs 30SGD if I remembered correctly! 
  2. 'New York' notebook from Typo I purchased this notebook a few months back, but didn't get to use it till recently! I jot down all my notes and reminders in this notebook. It helps that it has inserts as well so I can store worksheets inside without having to bring an additional file. This cost me less than 10SGD. I think I bought it when they were having a offer, 2 for 10SGD if i'm not wrong.
  3. Elle Australia August 2014 I was very much a Girlfriend/Dolly/Seventeen kinda girl, but not anymore! Haha. I like the stories and content that Elle AUS provides. I first became a fan of theirs just a few months back. Their layouts are very easy on the eyes. I recently purchased Lucky US and Company UK, but haven't gotten around to reading them yet. The magazine costs 8.50AUD. A tad pricy, I must say. 
  4. Black and White checkered scarf I honestly don't remember where I got this from! Or how much it costs, but I've had this for years. It's my go-to (and only) scarf. 
  5. Rosebullet Black and Blue bomber jacket w/ faux leather sleeves Am excited to wear this out real soon! Pairing it with my UWA Varsity T-shirt sounds just about right. Might just post a #ootd about it soon :) I bought this at a sale for 20AUD
  6. Army Green + camouflage scarf This is a pretty small scarf so I wear this as a head scarf/hair accessory instead. I can't recall how I got it, but here's a pic of me wearing it recently :D Ever since I've had bangs, I've begun to experiment with hair accessories too. 
  7. Zara TRF white tee The pic above doesn't do the t-shirt justice! It's actually a shirt with a burger and it has the phrase 'Holybite' on it! You can see how it looks like here. I like how the shirt design makes an obvious reference to the original Versace Logo. (see here) The shirt cost me 19.90SGD
  8. Paper Scissors Military-esque dress I like that it looks like a military nurse/flight attendant/waitress uniform hahaha. And of course, it's army green + black in colour so it goes well with my other outfits. I bought this at a sale, where two clothing items = 15AUD. I bought four clothing items in total and the other three are...
  9. Paper Scissors Patterned sweater I dub this the 'cheesy christmas sweater' hahaha. Thank God it came in black and white instead of red and white. Oh the horror! hahaha but I must admit it can still look quite cute in that geeky/nerdy way. 
  10. Paper Scissors 'Amour' white sweater This sweater is a little too big for me but that's what I like about it! I can easily tuck it in when I'm wearing jeans or roll down the sleeves when I feel cold. 
  11. Chic-a-Booti navy blue and white striped cropped sweater It's a little senseless to have a cropped sweater because sweaters are supposed to keep you warm, but having it cropped exposes the wearer's person's mid-drift = whaaaat? haha nonetheless, I can still pair it with a high-waisted maxi skirt. 
  12. Zara Knit beige knit sweater w/ thunderbolts I fell in love with the adorable thunderbolt pattern and it's great to layer over my thermal sweaters. My sister's comment when she first saw this sweater was "hey! Harry Potter haha" It didn't occur to me that people would think of The Boy Who Lived but it's a nice reference tho! This cost me either 19.90 SGD or 29.90SGD
  13. Zara TRF black boots This is the only pair of covered shoes that I brought with me to Perth. It's super comfy and it goes with all of my outfits! I got this a size larger than my usual size so that I could wear it with thick socks whenever it gets chilly. This cost me 49.90SGD. Pricey! 
  14. Zara TRF ripped jeans I've been looking for ripped jeans for MONTHS and this came as a blessingggg (haha so dramatic sorry!) They are slightly ripped at the knees and they go with everything. Dress 'em up with a pair of heels, dress 'em down with flat sandals, which are very much in trend right now. The jeans cost 39.90SGD. 
  15. Tortoiseshell sunglasses (purchased at a pasar malam! No kidding!) You can get similar styles at some hipster store for 200SGD.... or get one from the nearby night market instead! Haha this cost 10SGD. I used to have a pair of black sunglasses but they broke :( 
  16. Zara TRF high-waisted stonewash jeggings Apparently, only basic bitches wear jeggings/leggings hahahaha but really, these are super comfy. They are a little high-waisted which is perfect, because you would want to prevent an ass-crack display situation from happening... right? RIGHT??? (at this point I sound a little delirious idk why. I think i'm just hungry sorry) The jeggings cost me 19.90SGD, I think. 
  17. Uniqlo cigarette trousers If you haven't realised, I'm a big fan of androgynous dressing. This pair of trousers go great with button-down shirts. I've worn mine with a skinny tie, a dress shirt and a vest for my graduation. I mean hey, go big or go home! Nailing the look completely is fun. The trousers cost me 29.90SGD. Def. worth the price because they are comfy and they fit great.
Um so this post turned out waaaay lengthier than I envisioned it to be! I hope you enjoyed this little update. I'll be back soon to share about how and why I ended up here in Perth. Thanks for stopping by! 


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