If Couples were Desserts

Hi y'all! I've unofficially graduated from school!!! *cue raining confetti*

It's great to be able to finally take a breather, but I've been slacking too much at home and I've become extremely lazy. All I ever seem to do is sleep, eat and watch TV shows on my laptop. 

This is really bad. Like, Michael Jackson Bad. 

And SOOO, I thought I'd spend some time whipping together this small write-up that I did for my magazine editing module in school and share it with you guys! 

This write-up was really fun to do as I like how the most unexpected things (like desserts, in this case) can actually represent topics that many of us are familiar with (couples, dating). 

I am definitely not a staff with experience in the love department, but the idea of describing different kinds of couples by using desserts sounded like a pretty interesting idea to me. 

Photos taken by me, Cherylaida Baharuddin and Siti Murnira 

Helen, who is the owner of Dove Desserts, is a friend of my mom's so I'm really grateful that I got to taste all these desserts for my assignment! 

Do drop by her shop for a bowl of sweet goodness~
Blk 22 Lor. 7 Toa Payoh #01-21 
S 310022 (Food Centre & Market)


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