The Weekly Edit: 18 December

Heading off to Korea with the family in less than a week's time and weather reports are showing that temperatures could dip to as low as -5 degree Celsius. I don't know how to feel about that.

Staying alive despite the harsh wintry weather is one thing, but my biggest concern would be how I can look 'fashunnn' even after piling on four, five layers of clothing??? 

Just kidding.

In my head, I was envisioning 'Miroslava Duma-chic' but am pretty sure I would turn out to be more of 'Michelin-chic'. Sigh. 

Also, buying an entire winter wardrobe just for this trip wouldn't make sense. Don't think I could rock a ski jacket or even pull off the knitted beanie look in Singapore but thankfully, we've borrowed a bunch of gear from our relatives so we're pretty much sorted. On top of that, we also went ahead and get ourselves a few sets of HEATTECH innerwear from UNIQLO just to be extra prepared. 

Whilst my dreams of looking like a street style star/Kpop icon have pretty much gone down the drain, that ain't going to stop me from scouring through the Net for some winterwear inspiration. My favourites from the Fall 2016 RTW shows below: 

Fausto Puglisi teaches us a lesson in layering by throwing a blazer over a longer coat. Am also intrigued by the clash of colours and patterns in his looks, from pairing raspberry with aquamarine (centre) to having a mini burst of blue peeking out from an otherwise monochromatic get-up (right).

Fausto Puglisi Fall 2016 RTW from 

The leather jacket (left) is a favourite of mine due to its slightly oversized cut at the shoulders, plus the shorter length flatters the figure as it reveals the waist. The standard pairing of sweater and pants is a no-brainer for many, but the look becomes extraordinary with the play of textures, such as the short fur sweater which is worn with some bad-ass leather pants. Need those boots in my life too!!!!

Louis Vuitton Fall 2016 RTW from

My perception of the Rodarte girl is someone who was never the popular girl in school, and neither does she want to be. A little awkward but highly imaginative and creative in her own right, she possesses a quirky edge and that magical ability to dress in a manner that's fresh and out of the ordinary. Black lipstick has never looked so damn good. 

Rodarte Fall 2016 RTW from 

As much as we all love our blacks and greys during the winter season, a touch of the right colour can do wonders to an entire get-up. I'd like to think that thePrada dress (left) is the stuff made of dreams, constellations and rich, rich velvet. Beautiful, in short. Stuart Vevers-Coach 1941 (centre) exudes a youthful charm which I am a big fan of. The dusty orange fur-lined collar brings attention to the face and keeps its wearer extra toasty as well. Those metallic ankle boots are looking mighty fine too. The fur coat (faux, I hope?) from Au Jour Le Jour (right) is in the perfect shade of pink, which does a splendid job in brightening the look while complementing the model's porcelain complexion. 

Happy Holidays! 


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