The Fly and The Fashionable Pack pt.3 - Men's Edition!

You know you’re tired when:
  • You’ve turned into a human pendulum – bobbing your head unconsciously from side to side when you doze off in the train. You find your head occasionally hitting the person’s shoulder beside you by accident. When it comes to naps, EVERY MINUTE COUNTS
  • You spend your weekends catching up on some sleep. (So I heard you have a movie date? Perfect – the air-conditioning in the cinema is fab.)
  • You slather shampoo instead of soap on your body.  
Yeeeeeeap. I did that.  

Man, my eyelids feel as if they weigh a ton. I’m beaaaaat. With internship and errthang it feels as if everyday is the same and I’m really -----

Ok we get it, now move along!

FINE but there’s just ONE MORE THING I needa tell you guys!!

No matter what, it’s always my pleasure to present to you my fashion favorites of the week because I’ll never get tired of fashion and you guys (cheh) ok let’s get back to business:

Most of us are used to seeing well-dressed ladies everywhere. It’s kind of a woman’s duty to look good 24/7 (feminists shh) you see, but how are the reactions like when the men take centre stage?

I can’t believe my darling’s actually wearing a scarf!
Did he just match his socks to his shirt?
Praise the Lord he’s wearing a pair of immaturely pressed trousers! aMEN to that! (heheh)

When we spot a man who looks good and is stylish, we take notice. His watch, how the suit fits his body perfectly, his combed hair, that patterned pocket square. He made an effort right there.

Here I have four stylish men who I simply couldn't keep my eyes off from. Now, now ladies, this is for your visual pleasure. Men, start taking notes.

Ph. Credits: 1 2 3 4

Brad Goreski
Pardon me for sounding like crazy fan girl but Brad Goreski is perfection. How is it that he can pull off such bright and punchy colors so confidently, and I dare say, even better than any female fashionista out there? I guess he was born to be fabulous. I don’t know. But whatever it is he’s up to, it’s definitely working.

Ph. Credits: 1 2 3 4
Eddie Redmayne
This British boy shot to stardom due to his stellar performance in the hit musical movie Les Misérables AND his super stylish outfits on the red carpet.

Let’s not forget that he famously donned a trench coat and cozied up to Cara Delevingne for Burberry’s campaign video, which goes on to show that this man (or should I say mayyyyneee. haha ok no) is making people all over the world sit up and take notice of his impeccable style.

He looks so good all the time that even his freckles are starting to grow on me!!! (not literally)

Ph. Credits: 1 2 3 4
Hidetoshi Nakata
I’ll be really honest here.
I know nothing about football/soccer/whatthemguyscall it, so when I first came across Hidetoshi’s picture in one of the many streetstyle websites I follow, I assumed that he was one of those hot Asian ‘exports’ whose job was to model and DJ on the side or something.

A quick Google check (hot guys are worth googling, especially image search) was when I realized he was a retired football player who was one of the most famous Asian footballers in his generation. Woah.

Apart from the fact that Hidetoshi has played well on the field, his execution when it comes to his style also scores a goal for me. (I tried)  His style is all about being confident, being experimental while sticking to classics like a good ol’ pair of jeans and a leather jacket.

Ph. Credits: 1 2 3 4

Andrew Garfield
As much as we all (ok maybe only me) love men wearing skin-tight suits (read: Spiderman), we all love a guy who knows how to work a business suit with great panache.

Andrew Garfield is the perfect example. One could always stick to wearing well-fitting black suits to every formal event, but one can also CHOOSE to play a little with fashion and don a suit in an unconventional color.

Even when he’s dressed down, he still looks great in his preppy and boyish outfits. You go, Andy the Spidey!!!

Wah Sheryl that’s damn lame leh

I had to do that. Sorry


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