AFF 2013: Prints Charming (Peter Pilotto)


I was hoping to volunteer for this year's Audi Fashion Festival (AFF) but due to my internship, I wasn't able to commit for all five days. I was prepared to keep up with all the hype by checking out the fashion news behind the computer screen. Sucks right, I know.

.......Then my prayers were answered! Haha. My friend E asked me on Saturday if I could go down to the fashion tent to volunteer and of course i said yes! Sad-turday became a whole lot better for me.

This year's festival was held at the Marina Bay Promenade and it was a refreshing change. It's pretty awesome to hold an iconic annual event like this at such a scenic location. The highlight of Saturday's line-up was definitely Peter Pilotto for me.

The London-based label has dressed famous celebrities including Witty Brit Chick Emma Watson, Australia's Hottest Export Miranda Kerr and one of my favorites, Actress Kate Bosworth.

Ph. Credits: 1 2 3
The label, which is led by designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, has gained much popularity over the years for its striking graphic prints and textiles. Don a Peter Pilotto dress and you're sure to impress. (that rhymed!! ok sry) 

It was such a lovely sight to see guests flocking into the runway hall in their Peter Pilotto dresses. The women looked attractive and very put-together.

When the first dress debuted on the runway, there was a lot of excited murmuring (does that expression even make sense?) and when the music started pumping louder, we all knew it was gonna be gooooood. (So sorry about the crappy photos!)


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