The Fly and The Fashionable Pack: pt. 2

Guys, some help here???

My mom has been giving the ‘look’ every time I prepare for ‘The Fly and The Fashionable Pack” entries.

You see, she loves attending parenting talks which cover all sorts of topics like ‘How to talk so your child will listen’ (give me money and I will), ‘How to help your child deal with peer pressure’ (again, give me money and I’ll deal with it by buying chocolate) and….

‘Cyber safety for your kids’.

She’s suspicious of me, I can feel it.

I can’t blame her though. Here’s what I normally do when I prepare for these entries:

  • Step 1: Look through magazines and websites
  • Step 2: Narrow down my favorites for the week
  • Step 3: Stalk the various stylish people by Googling them, ogling them (wait what) and Wikipedia-fying them.
  • Step 4: Do some really amateur photoshopping stuff to make the pictures look acceptable
Step 3 may (I repeat, MAY) take up to a few hours.

I mean, why not?

Looking through pictures of celebrities with their shiny hair and their ridonkulous figures and long legs and and luscious lips…



(jk I love you)

Why are you telling us this? Deal with yo own poop, shuddup and get on with it, sister!


There you go. I present to you, this entry’s Fantastic Five:

Ph. Credits: 1 2 3 4
Tina Leung (stylist)
ASIAN PRIDE YI JI BANG AH! Hahaha. Tina Leung’s crazy cool. She owns the suits, that hair of hers and those drool-worthy handbags. She has a penchant for playing with proportions, with her oversized coats and her over-the-knee boots, not to forget that she’s know for wearing evening gowns as everyday wear. Heck, she even pulls off a men’s suit better than any man out there!

Ph. Credits: 1 2 3 4

Kate Lanphear (style director of T Magazine)
Hair. HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!

Kate Lanphear’s mostly-black mantra is so awesome, and so, so fly. She may have her all-black outfits but take note of the different cuts, textures, and fabrics of her garments. Now that’s something, isn’t it?

Kate may come across as intimidating to you but I’d like to think that she’s a woman with confidence. She sticks to a style she feels strongly about and she WORKS IT.  

Ph. Credits: 1 2 3 4 

Kate Bosworth (actress, jewelry designer for JewelMint)
Kate Bosworth has great style whether she’s out getting ‘groceries’, attending music festivals or gracing movie premieres. Dubbed as one of the ‘queens’ of streetstyle, she can do no wrong with her outfits.

*** Hoshit. Two Kates in this entry (!!!) and I haven’t even brought in legendary Kate Moss, Kate Middleton (being royalty is always in style, duh) and and and Kate Beckinsale and Kate Hudson. Dammit. Gonna name my Kate, I’m telling you.

Ph. Credits: 1 2 3 4
Jessica Alba (actress, MILF)
You want the MILF, you’ve got the MILF. Leather jacket, sunglasses, great-fitting jeans, the latest It bag. That pretty much sums up J. Alba’s street style looks. You may find them ‘predictable’ or even ‘boring’ but I reckon that she’s consistently stylish and that ain’t easy.

Ph. Credits: 1 2 3 4
Alexa Chung (model, DJ, It Girl) 
I’m so biased I bet it’s getting on people’s nerves. Alexa Chung has been one of my favorites since forever. I cannot recall how I got to know about her, but she strikes me as a fun, cheeky and stylish Brit chick. I remember wanting a pair of Superga sneakers so badly back in early 2012 even before they were famous in Singapore just because she was the face (or more like feet) of the brand. But now… (dammit, Rita! Haha)

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ll see you real soon. That, I promise.


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