Bag of Tricks

Your bag reveals a lot more about you than you think……

Or does it? Haha.

Just wanna give you guys a quick update about how my week has been like so far, but like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words….

I’m just gonna go ahead and show you what’s in my bag. It’ll give you a really good glimpse into what I’ve been up to lately.

You’re just lazy la! You think we don’t know meh!!!

HAHAHAHA fineeeee.

I have: 
  1. My beloved cardigan (This cardigan acts as my 'comfort blanket'.) 
  2. The Edge Singapore newspaper (A weekly Business and Investment paper that I have to read for work) 
  3. 'Oddity' Production Tee ('Oddity' is this theatre production which I'm currently involved in. The show is presented by the senior drama students/graduates of Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts and Cultural Troupe.)
  4. Card holder ( I appreciate card designs. Dessert stores and design agencies usually have really cool ones.) 
  5. Super Cute Ben & Jerry's Post-Its (makes the process of writing my to-do list a whole lot more enjoyable)
  6. Caramel Waffle Snack from Marks and Spencer (My colleague gave it to me. He wants me to be the 'guinea pig' to see if it tastes good or not.) 
  7. Sony Xperia Go Phone (this baby has been giving me problems lately) 
  8. Crappy unknown earphone (It has mood swings.)
  9. Student Internship Programme Booklet (let's not even go there)
  10. Typo Notebook (loads of random doodles and secret confessions inside) 
  11. My First GQ Magazine: April 2013 issue GQ US (The shop uncle asked me, "Eh you little girl read this kind of magazine ah... Why ah?" I replied,"For the fashion la Uncle. They're presenting The GQ 100. Don't think funny funny hor.") 
  12. Black pencil box with adorable patterned red apples (It's my sister's actually. Shh don't tell her) 
  13. Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallet (I got this as 16th birthday gift from my mom. Want to use this darling fo as long as I can 'cause I'm loyal like that)
  14. My new favourite: 10-dollar red bag (My mom thinks that it's downright fugly and plasticky. Meh.)
The trend of revealing what a person has in his/her bag has been around for quite awhile.

Nosey people (like me) can’t help it. We’re really curious about what our favorite fashion icons carry around! Do they always carry their signature perfume with them? Or is there a printed scarf that they never leave home without? Here are two neat ones.
Inside Co-host of E! Fashion Police George Kotsiopoulos' bag (Source
Inside Pop Artist Diamond Rings' Bag (Source
Anyway, I have an overdue ‘The Fly and The Fashionable Pack’ post that I’ve yet to complete heheh but I’m so excited to share with you all about this week’s favorites! See you all really soon J


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