The flahhhh and The Fashionable Pack: pt.1

Yep, you read that right. I actually used the word ‘fly’. If you’ve noticed, my last entry was back in January and I apologize.

Well, if you’re really sorry, you should get down to being more consistent with your entries, hello??

Yes, I know… B-b-but I have my reasons!!!!!

Ok I’ve got none.

Aaanyway, I am down with Chicken Pox. It happened four days ago and I’ve been COOPed up at home ever since (hahaha. Ok sorry) watching the TV show The Walking Dead and checking out dozens of fashion and style websites.

I’ve been spending so much time on the Internet!! It made me realize that I should (finally) get round to updating this blog of mine.

For those of my friends (or virtual friends) out there who are really consistent with your online entries, I really have to hen it to you guys man. (hehe ok that was the last one)

In each entry, I’ll be introducing to you four of my style inspirations. (I have loads of ‘em) From musicians to actors to magazine editors, I reckon that these people are a really cool bunch.

They are confident, adventurous, and hell, do they look gooooood.

Could you please just get on with it, I’m getting bored!

Ok here goes:

Anne Catherine Frey (blogger, fashion designer for The Kooples)
I chanced upon this beauty on one of the street style websites and I thought, “I HAVE to know this girl.” She’s such a looker, don’t you guys think? Haha. What caught my eye was her boyish haircut. To me, it made her look even more feminine. Ok but the point is, her style is unpredictable which makes it really fun. Check out her awesome-possum blog here

Rihanna (part-time Singer, full-time bada$$ chick)
SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A --- ok I’ll get down to business. You can always count on Rihanna to make bold fashion statements. Be it wearing gold chains, red lipstick, crazy high heels or even a jumpsuit, she does it all. Known for her ever changing hairstyles and her risqué dressing, Rihanna is definitely one to watch.

Ph. Credits: 1 2 3 4

Elizabeth Olsen (actress)
Them hats, boots, covetable hangbags and shiny brunette locks, MK+A’s little sister looks amazing all the time. She often dresses up in neutrals or complimentary colors like brown, white and navy. She never fails to look stylish and comfortable, whether when she’s off running errands or posing on the red carpet.

Michelle Williams (actress)
With her pixie blond cut and petite frame, Michelle Williams is such a qtpie. On the red carpet, she always looks as cute as a button. On the street, she keeps it preppy and smart by pairing blazers with collared shirts and sweaters. Good going, Marilyn.

Aaaaand that's all i have for now. Stay tuned for the following parts of The Fly and The Fashionable Pack.

See you guys soon! (No promises, though hahahaha)


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