90's kid + mega crush on kristen stewart

I have always been a fan of boyish dressing. I'm talking baggy jeans, cool sneakers, undone hair, caps, plaid shirts... the list goes on and on!

My latest celebrity crush is none other than Kristen Stewart. Now, now, before you guys go about dissing her for starring in a certain vampire love movie, you'll realize that Kristen Stewart isn't like other Tinseltown starlets. There's just something about her....

http://kristenstewartfashionstyle.tumblr.com/ <--- I reckon it's the best tumblr which showcases her style :)

After browsing through hundreds of Kristen's street-style photos, I was determined to create a look which Kristen would most likely wear. Hence, the 90's-style baggy jacket, the sneakers and the comfy skinny jeans.

I found this jacket lying around at home and realized that it belonged to my younger brother (who's only ten years old). I checked for the label/brand and it said 'Cerisi'. That's a kids apparel line! +50 hipster points for me hahahaha.

So... do you agree that this is what Kristen would wear? I thought so!

Photo credits: Ayesha Shaikh
Sunglasses from Just Jeans,  Jacket from Cerisi, trusty backpack, Guess Jeans, Converse High-tops 
forever taking pictures of my high-tops. luv 'em too much 


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