Style spotlight: Well... suit yourself then!

Suit Up! (HIMYM)
There's just something sexy about a man dressed in a great suit.
There's something even sexier about a woman being suited up too.

Some things never go out of style, and a great-fitting suit is one of them. Wearing a suit makes you look smart and stylish. Plus, suits can be worn by both men and women alike.

Spent a fair amount of time scrolling through the Spring '12 runway shows on and found the standard women's suit being spruced up with lighter fabrics, cuts and colors, making suits appropriate and fun for Spring time. The 3-piece suit by Ralph Lauren looks really cool, no?

Antonio BerardiTibi, Ralph Lauren, Tibi, Carven
Nowadays, there are an increasing number of brands that like to pair formal blazers with loose T-shirts underneath in order to create an effortless, but still made-up look. Naturally, the people who love to stay in trend followed suit! (pun unintended)

Although this form of pairing looks stylish and is much more practical for everyday wear, I can always appreciate one's efforts in going all out, dressed in formal suits.

What got me to do this post was when I saw Elizabeth Olsen being photographed looking stylish in a suit. A red velvet suit, to be exact. I mean, it definitely ain't easy pulling off a velvet suit without being mistaken as a velvet sofa. (Note: Austin Powers)

Taken from Miss Olsen Tumblr 
From celebrities, interesting personalities and to stylish people spotted on the streets, they all know the importance of a good suit. Experiment with different textures, lengths and fits. Go graphic like actress Zoe Saldana, or go all-red like Harper's Bazaar Russia Editor Miroslava Duma. Here are some of my favorites.
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Are you planning to suit up too? 


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