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/ Sunday, July 9, 2017 /
Hi, (imaginary) internet friends, I'm back!

Here I am reviving this dead space with a new post for my Weekly Edit column which hasn't been updated for.. weeks (or it is months??)

This real bad.

Anyway, I've recently been obsessed with all things beauty & skincare. During my trip to Korea last December, I remember the tour guide sharing with me that the women passionately devote to their skincare routines, and begin doing so from as young as when they're 15.

Now that I'm 7(!!!) years behind these ladies, I've begun panicking about the state of my face. I've never been that much of a worrier about acne, pimples and wrinkly things - even so, I've noticed that my skin breaks out more often than usual. I'm guessing it's because I often have to wear makeup for work. Which sucks.

With this worry constantly nagging at the back of my head, I sunk myself into the wonderful world of YouTube for skincare advice, and trust me when I say that I've gone too deep - from "skincare tips for sensitive skin" to "top 10 drugstore must-haves", I've wasted spent dozens of hours listening to popular YouTubers rave about their favourite beauty products.

Even so, that has simply left me more confused than ever.




Besides this point, I've been regularly checking out Into The Gloss for more beauty tips. The website is just too pretty and there seems to be some level of consideration put into their beauty stories and interviews, which I really, really appreciate. Too many sites just proclaim things like, "Best cushion foundations to have NOW," and "5 new blushers in our beauty radar."

Perhaps I've not become a beauty trend-follower yet, and neither am I their target demographic. I'm just here to check out things that will not burn my face, really.

Speaking of which, my face itches like hell right now. I just tried this popular Vitamin C sheet mask thing and my skin just does not want to cooperate. This sucks balls.

Anyhoos, I've compiled a bunch of skincare products and other items which I really hope to get my hands on. These babies sure are pricey, but I've heard good things about these so I'm looking forward to trying them out. Will update again if they actually work for my skin!! Here you go:

Beauty Shopping List

I've had my eyes set on the Fresh Rose Face Mask for months now, but haven't got the courage to splurge on this as they come with a hefty price tag - close to 100SGD per bottle, if I remember correctly. Next up is the Bioderma Sebium MAT Control, a promising moisturiser as the brand is known for working wonders on sensitive skin! I've heard great things about their micellar water as well but a colleague of mine recommended this moisturiser so I'm excited to give this a go. Asides from its pretty packaging, the Pixi Glow Tonic is a big contender too. Many beauty YouTubers swear by the effectiveness of this toner - shall head to Sephora and pick this up if I ever happen to feel rich that day (hahaha).

Hair is just hair??? Next!!!

Ok, I kid. Bumble & Bumble seems like a crowd favourite. Might just try this Bumble and Bumble Super Rich Conditioner as I've run out of conditioner hahahhaha

If you're a fan of the full, made-up look, by all means go for it! But personally, I gravitate towards au naturel looks - I'm talking, smooth, healthy skin and natural blushes, which is why Bobbi Brown's cosmetics really speak to me. I die a little inside whenever I walk past their standalone store in ION Orchard!! I've never had the courage to step in to browse their products, but I'm a huge fan of the brand's direction - natural, youthful models with makeup that allows their own unique beauty to shine through.

If a $100 Bobbi Brown voucher ever drops down from the sky (hahah wtf), I would place my bets on the Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer Brick Compact, which looks so damn beautiful and could quite possibly give me the best, 'just did Yoga' look I can ever attain in my whole damn life. 

Next on my beauty wish list is the Nyx Professional Makeup Mineral Finishing Powder, which I reckon is one of those must-have beauty products whose usefulnesss I've hugely underestimated all this time. Plus, Nyx products are pretty inexpensive so imma get one of these soon. 

 I'll be frank - I have NO IDEA HOW THIS SMELLS LIKE OKAY.
But the packaging's dope. Can't wait to give this a good sniff to see if its scent matches up to its gorgeous looks.




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