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/ Friday, September 6, 2013 /
John Mayer, who is an influential guitarist and musician, is known for many things: the women he's dated (Taylor - no, not the guitar), his rad guitar skills (he jams with BB King and The Rolling Stones), the songs he write (Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Gravity) and more recently, his change of style ever since he released his latest album called 'Paradise Valley'. 

Some have critiqued that his dressing displays 'a feeling of inert cultural tourism' but I'd like to think otherwise. I mean, he's John Mayer, man. Let him do whatever he wants! (I'm so biased, sorry!)

Ok so back to the point, John was quite the T-shirt and jeans/cargo pants kinda guy (read: Heavier Things era). Now, he has quite fully embraced denim shirts, boots and even head scarves! It's interesting to see how he goes from here. 

You can easily recreate his looks, seeing that bib necklaces, scarves and denim/chambray shirts are hugely accessible at any trendy clothing retailer. What makes a look (or John's look in particular) special is by adding your personal touch/twist to it. John's favorite 'accessory' is probably his acoustic Martin guitar. Whether it's a friendship bracelet given to you by your best bud or an old gold watch that was passed down to you by your grandmother, choose items which genuinely express 'you'. 

For this Polyvore collection that I created above, I tried my hand at adding several feminine elements to the whole look. From the silk swing navy blue camisole from Madewell (S$99) to the Chloé Marcie Small Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag (S$1,270), this goes to show that John's style can be emulated by both males and females alike. 

The key to this look is to choose comfy and cozy clothes/accessories while sticking to a neutral/earthy palette. The Jack Wills Filsdon Parka (S$195) and the Black Cashmere Slouch Beanie Hat (S$125) are great examples of that. 

And if you're feeling adventurous, try putting on a pair of sturdy suede boots and don a headscarf. John would certainly be proud of ya. 

Journey to John 

I enjoy listening to John Mayer's music at work and I never get bored of his songs.

I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for my friend W to have introduced John Mayer to me. 

The very first song I heard from John was called, "Who Says". 

I thought that "Who Says" was a really laid back and calming kinda song. My interest in him (and his songs) just grew from there. After W introduced me to the 'Continuum' album, that was no turning back!

A few weeks later, a very special K and I listened to 'A Face to Call Home' together. That was a defining moment for me as the lyrics in the song was really reached to my brain and my heart.

Alamak so cheesy, please maintain la! 

Hahaha ok! Here's the first verse to the song:  

I'm an architect

Of days that haven't happened yet
I can't believe a month is all it's been
You know my paper heart
The one I filled with pencil marks
I think I might've gone and inked you in

My favorites from the 'Paradise Valley' album include 'Badge and Gun' and 'I Will Be Found (Lost At Sea)'. You guys should check his music out (if you haven't) :)

Have a great Friday ahead! Speak to you all soon. 


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