I get the V…IP – VIP Fashion Night Hangout 2013

/ Saturday, April 13, 2013 /

Seeing that I’m not like other kids (with social lives) who spend their Friday nights partying, I volunteered for Fide Fashion Week’s VIP Fashion Night Hangout 2013 and I have to say that the experience was short but sweet. (Just like the macaroons which my newfound friends and I enjoyed, but I’ll talk about that later)

Having volunteered for Men’s Fashion Week (read about it here!) as well as Women’s Fashion/Haute Couture Week last year, it was great to be back to help even with the littlest things.

This year’s VIP Fashion Night Hangout was pretty interesting as a few of fashion’s high flyers gathered together virtually via Google+ Hangout to chat about fashion’s latest trends and where they get their design/fashion inspiration from. The event was held at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

The people involved in this virtual chat included:
  1. US Elle Magazine’s Creative Director Joe Zee
  2. TV Host Jeannie Mai
  3. Chief Executive of local fashion brand Raoul’s Douglas Benjamin
  4. Couturier Alexis Mabille
  5. Designers Livia Stoianova & Yassen Samouilov of the Haute Couture brand On Aura Tout Vu
  6. Editor-in-Chief of NowFashion.com’s Jessica Michault

In addition, Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes’ Ice Skating Rink was transformed into a Runway Hall and it was amaze-balls.

I was thinking that the models could ice skate down the runway. That’d be really cool but no it didn’t happen... (what a bummer)

The first highlight of this event for me was listening to what the fashion industry insiders had to say about trends and their inspirations. I found myself like an over-enthusiastic fan girl nodding and smiling at the speakers cuz I was simply too fascinated. It felt pretty surreal to me.

The second highlight was spending my break time greedily devouring High Society’s macaroons with my friends.

Pictures or it didn’t happen, liar!!!

Okay fine here it is.

You know, I told my friend that I liked dunking my macaroons into hot chocolate and she gave me a scolding, “Sheryl!!! You’re not supposed to dunk your macaroons into hot chocolate!!! That will ruin the ‘crust’ of the macaroon!!!”

She didn’t talk to me anymore after that.
Ok that’s all bye


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