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/ Thursday, May 17, 2012 /
Bruce Lee shirt from Hong Kong, my trusty backpack, laptop bag - gift from a friend, frayed $5 denim shorts, sister's old brogues (photo credit: Ayesha Shaikh)

DID YOU KNOW: Bruce Lee wasn't pure Chinese, he was part German because his grandfather was half German!
Here's a really quick post!

Just went through Day 1 of Audi Fashion Festival and I'm zonked out!!

School has been really exciting this semester as my course mates and I get to learn more about filming and radio production, but life isn't all roses and unicorns.... I'm talking crazy deadlines, assignments after assignments and late nights.

Something tells me that all of this workload is actually manageable... not unless you have the tendency to procrastinate!!! Sigh, life :/

On another note, I can't be anymore excited to be volunteering for Singapore's Audi Fashion Festival happening from 16/5 to 20/5! The experience is absolutely, surreal :)

I hope to be able to share with you guys about this whole event soon. The weather's been really crazy lately... so please take care and rest well!


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