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/ Monday, April 16, 2012 /

A lovely friend of mine shared with me a series of magazine covers done by a photographer for i-D magazine and I was blown away. The photographs were very eye-catching and striking. Its amazing how a distinctive visual is able to send a strong message to its audiences. 

Speaking of magazines, my unhealthy obsession for fashion magazines started 6 years ago and my father is to blame for it. (more on that later)

Sorry about the blurry photos! I got my younger brother to help me take these pictures. Forgive him, he's only 10! 

My first proper encounter with fashion magazines took place at the Times Bookstore in Changi International Airport during my June Holidays. My family and I were awaiting to board the plane to Switzerland when my dad suggested that I head to the Times Bookstore with him. "Let's go grab something to read on the plane," I recalled him saying. My dad gestured me to the magazine section in the bookstore. He went straight for TIME, National Geographic and a few other gaming magazines. It was as if Christmas came early for him. 

Ever since I bought that issue of Girlfriend Magazine, there was no turning back for me. I knew that I had to sell my soul to the gods of fashion. (that was a tad too dramatic but still.) I have never looked back since then.   

Just in case you're wondering.....

To date, I have... 183 magazines *throws confetti in the air*
My go-to magazines for advice on how to wear the latest runway trends are... Vivi Magazine and Shop Til You Drop  Magazine 
The magazine which provides me the latest celebrity red carpet and beauty news is... Instyle Magazine (US)
For great stories and interviews, I look for... Russh Magazine (AUS) and Nylon Magazine (US)
The most expensive magazine I bought was... V Magazine's annual Music Issue (#75) ft. Justin Bieber. It cost me SGD 19.90 (!!!)
The most inexpensive magazine I bought was... The May 2011 issue of Glamour Magazine ft. Emma Stone. I bought it at a PageOne book sale and it only cost me a dollar.
The magazines which I most recently purchased were... the first issue of Nylon Singapore (yippee) and the April issue of Company magazine (UK)
My favorite magazine as of now has to be... the March 2012 issue of Company Magazine (UK)

I believe that a magazine which can successfully create a strong visual impact just by its cover is worth reading. These covers below... I mean, woah. They really stood out to me. (Dang, I wish I created them.) 

Harper's Bazaar Spain, i-D Magazine

Elle UKInterview Magazine 
             What are some of your favorite magazine covers? 


{ CosmoGirl } on: June 26, 2012 at 11:59 AM said...

Hi! I love your blog!

Could you take more photos of you with your fashion mags? I like them very much!

Please, do take more!

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