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/ Thursday, March 1, 2012 /

Audrey Hepburn takes a leap (source)

Went cycling in Pulau Ubin with S on Leap Year's Day. (I've been doing quite a fair bit of cycling recently, haven't I?) We went around the tiny island and had an awesome time exploring the place. 

Spotting an eagle gliding through the sky whilst we were at the top of a watchtower, spending some 'quality' time with the wild animals and appreciating the breath-taking scenery from the Chek Jawa mangroves area were some of the many wonderful highlights of this trip. 

We came across a family wild boars and quite a number of monkeys at one of the huts. I couldn't help but reveal my punny side by commenting, "These animals' lives must be pretty BOAR-ing." S didn't know what to say. Note: pick-up lines and puns don't actually get you any action. 

Moving on from puns and picturesque coastlines, S and I grabbed some ice cream before taking the bumboat back to Changi Jetty. I'm a fan of spontaneity but I'm not exactly the bravest person you'll come across. Initially, the ride back to the jetty was pretty stuffy. After a good deal of S' taunting, I decided to take a small risk and sat on the edge of the boat. This may sound really cliché but we could actually feel the wind in our hair and we even got to witness the sunset. Saying that the day was well spent is definitely an understatement.

Apart from those raunchy swimsuit shoots, there's just something so beautiful and relaxing about beach fashion editorials. I was looking for beachside photography on the 'Net and I came across Ben Trovato's Blog,  which features amazing works from up-and-coming fashion photographers. You guys should definitely check it out.

This editorial which is titled M on the Seaside, is one of my favorites. Nothing too fancy-schmancy about the photographs, just like what Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” They've created a short fashion film too!

So what's your take on seaside photography?


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