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/ Sunday, February 26, 2012 /

30 Seconds to Mars Frontman Jared Leto goes for a ride (source)
Cycled around Pasir Ris town park with my poly mates A and E yesterday. We stopped by the beach and sat on one of those breakwaters, hoping to see a beautiful scenery right before us....

.... Turns out that the shore was littered with a whole lot of rubbish. Oh and we even found a dead puffer fish. Boy was it a depressing sight.

That didn't stop us from having fun though. Being such Mean Minnies, E and I shouted, "Nerds!" as we passed by a group of J1 students dressed in their dry-fit orange colored orientation T-shirts.

A and I were thisclose to yelling "Use Protection!" into couples' faces as some of them were deeply engrossed in making out. A thought that we should put that idea on hold and implement it during Christmas instead. Her idea of fun involves cycling around the park dressed up as Santa Claus and annoying the crap out of the couples there. Sounds pretty interesting to me.

Note: Hanging out by the beach got me thinking about one of Spring 2012's hottest hair trends - the Wet-Look hair trend. Something tells me that if I were to attempt this look, I'll most probably be mistaken as having a bucket of oil poured over my head or something as equally unglamorous as that. This look is pretty tricky as it involves a whole lot of gel. Till then, let's just leave the celebrities and the runway models to their glossy locks, especially if you're still wet behind the ears when it comes to complex hair styling. 

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So... what are your thoughts on puffer fishes or slick hairstyles?

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